SubliminalEd Films - Seattle 48 - Summer 2022

Here we go again! 

I'm stoked that this year's Seattle 48 film project is right around the corner. We completed two 48hr films last year, "No More Dragons" for the general summer 48, and "Among The Sun" for the horror 48. We have a lot of the same team from last year, some new members, but same energy and same goal: Tell a great story.

We're looking to fill a few roles still this year, specifically for:

  • AC / Gaffer
  • Sound Designer / Engineer
  • Editor
  • PAs / Script Superviser / General Help
  • Still Photographer
  • Graphic Designer

If you have some of those skills and/or interests, shoot me a message at and let's chat. Meet the rest of this incredible talented and creative team. I love collaborating with these folks. 

Ed Castaneda (He/Him) - Director / Writer / Editor

This will be my 3rd 48. I'm in learn and practice mode, with a few classes / programs under my belt along with a few student, scene work, and a few shorts. You can check some of my work on my SubliminalEd Films YouTube Channel. I've written, co-written, and edited all of my work so far but looking for an opportunity to work with others that are more skilled in those two areas. 

Anastasia Henley - Director of Photography

Hi! I'm Anastasia Henley, this will be my 3rd 48 hour film festival. I have been doing cinematography and photography since I was 16, so roughly about 16 years, professionally for the last 10 years. I have worked on a wide variety of projects from independent music videos, short films, documentaries, and feature films. I always love getting the chance to work with new people on a project and potentially expand my film network.

Nicole Dempsey - Sound Recordist

Nicole has completed one 48 so far and a few independent short films. Nicole will be recording sound for us but we're looking for someone to help with sound design / mixing for post. 

Michelle Conklin - Actor

Michelle is a seasoned actor and this will be her 3rd 48 with this team. She brings a wealth of energy to the team and has many skills, including helping us write / brainstorm, and write log and taglines for our previous films. 

Mark Fox - Actor

Mark is a seasoned actor and this will be his second 48 with the team. In addition to his acting chops, Mark is a jack of all trades when it comes to making films. 

Tom Hirschler - Writer / PA

Tom co-wrote the horror 48 for us last year, as well as helped with set design and other all around general help. 

Wallace Simpson - Composer

This is Wallace's third 48. Wallace is an incredible composer and a great help to the team from standing on a chair acting like a hanging body, to general ideation. Wallace is great to collaborate with.