Seattle 48 - The Calm Before the Storm

In less than 24 hours the Seattle 48 hour film project begins. We, along with ~39 other teams in the Seattle area, are going to make a film in 48 hours... from start to finish. It is going to be one of the most difficult yet most exhilarating challenges I've ever completed. But there it is. There is the key word... "completed." That is the goal for this, to complete a film. I am confident that we will achieve this goal and I cannot wait to go... just go.

We are Team JJ. (don't ask) We are a group of 14 people that have never met each other IRL before, let alone worked on anything before. We've been communicating all online and I'm so impressed and excited to be working with these individuals. They give me confidence in knowing we will complete this project. It is an honor and a privilege to be on the same team. 

it is after 10 pm, the day before it all starts and I feel a sense of calm coming over me. A sense that I have not felt in a very long time, almost like a thunder jacket for a dog afraid of lighting, i'm comforted. I've felt this before. Before one of my first gigs playing in the band Marauder at the East Toledo theater on Broadway, I remember the night before that show. We had practiced so much before hand, we had done tons of advertising and the day was almost there and we were expecting over 1,000 people. I don't even think I was 18 yet. I had this same sense of calm hit me that night. There are a few other events that this happened. I love it. This calm will help me sleep tonight. Earlier in the day I felt like I should be doing a million and one more things to prepare. Now... those things can wait. I'm ready. The team is ready. I'm going to sleep well, wake up go to my day job and once 6 pm hits. It's on. The calm will turn to an all encompassing energy powered by a ridiculous deadline and human spirit. That energy will carry us through the 48 hours. There will be confusion, plans changing, laughter, frustration, exhaustion but at the end, by 7 pm on Sunday, we will have created a film. And that calm to energy will be replaced with accomplishment. I'm excited for every part of this journey. 

If you reader happen to be in the Seattle area on Saturday, August 6th, you can see our film screened at the Burien Boulevard Park Block Party and Film Festival. Bring the family and come on out to see our film, our 48 hour accomplishment, along with many other talented teams and individuals. 

Good night friends, tomorrow we ride.