Seattle 48-hour HORROR film project - seeking collaborators!

Welp... here we are again. 

I'm putting together another team for another crazy project. This time, horror... oh my. 

When & Where : October 15 - 17th, 2021 - Seattle area


DP & Crew

I'm looking for a DP, cinematographer, Gaffer(s), Camera Operator, Still Photographer or some combination of the above. Some of my favorite shots are from horror films. Let's collaborate and create some truly terrifying scenes. I'm also looking for folks that can help create a movie poster and take stills to gather some BTS footage. Help me tell a story through pictures. Have skills in any of those areas, hit me up and let's chat!

Art Director & Crew

I want to go big this time. We have a special FX person on our team. I'm looking to compliment that with an art department. I'm looking for folks that can/want to do horror make-up. I'm looking for wardrobe / costume designers. I'm looking for set designers and an Art director to lead this department. Let's work together and help tell the story through art. We'll create the theme of the story together on Friday night. Once we have that, what can you do in this crazy short time window to help create? Let's do it!


I've done most of the editing for my past work but I'm far from a professional. Have skills in this area? Hit me up! We can help bring the story together and make it awesome.

We're a small team right now but we want to go big. Part of us where on a team that won "Best use of character" for the general Seattle 48 earlier this year for our film "No More Dragons." (You can check out that film and my other shorts on my SubliminalEd Films YouTube Channel.) We are very collaborative and you will have a blast with our team. Our goal last time was to finish. check. Our goal this time is to place. Join us and help us achieve that goal. Let's go. 

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