Seattle 48-hour film project - Seeking collaborators!

Have you heard of the 48-hour film project? No? check it out here.

We have a small team (Team JJ) and we're planning on putting everything we have to this project. We're collaborative and looking for help. See the details below on what to expect, when, what areas of expertise we're looking for help, and how to contact us for more info. 

It is going to be wild ride but we're up for the challenge and hoping to win some awards! Come join us!


We have 48 hours to create an original film. This includes writing the script. We'll receive a genre (random drawing) on Friday, 23-July evening and we'll have 48 hours to write, do any pre-production, rehearse, film, and post-production work and submit our finished film by Sunday, 25-July by 7:30 PM. See more about the official rules here


Friday 23-July - 7 PM - writing starts, any pre-production, costume design, etc

Saturday 24-July - All day - specific times will be decided on Friday evening - we'll rehearse and shoot. Goal is to have most shots completed enough for a rough cut of the film by Saturday night.

Sunday 25-July - Re-shoots / finishing shooting in the morning, post-production to complete by 6 PM to submit by 7:30 pm


In Seattle - exact location TBD (know any great locations?)

Help Wanted

Help in the following areas but not limited to the following.

  • Cinematography
  • Still Photographer
  • Lighting
  • Audio Recording
  • Editing
  • Wardrobe Design
  • Make-up Artist
  • Production Design
  • Production Assistance (scheduling, food, coordination, continuity, still pictures, etc)
  • Sound Design / Production
  • Musicians / Composers
  • Actors (we have 2 so far - looking for ~5 maybe but final outcome won't be until script is written on Friday, 23-July)

Please note that this is all volunteer work. We don't have a budget for any paying roles but you'll be part of this crazy thing. It will be a great, fun learning experience, and get some resume building work. 


Interested? Have questions? Contact us and let us know. We're looking for folks on the full spectrum of experience. Please include any reel or work you might have. 

  1. Email us at SubliminalEdFilms
  2. Contact us via twitter