No More Dragons

We did it! We completed our film, "No More Dragons" in 48-hours. A whirlwind weekend doesn't begin to describe the intensity of that weekend. Our team was amazing and it was a 100% collaborative effort. We are premiering our movie on 15-Aug, 2021 at 6pm PT / 9pm ET. Come check it out! It will be available on my SubliminalEd Films YouTube channel after the premiere. 

On Friday, 23-Jul at approximately 7:30pm we received info on the 4 elements. 

  1. Character: We must include a character named Kelly Broadbent who is a pilot
  2. Line of Dialog: We must include "I think I'm going to be sick" in the movie
  3. Prop: We must include headphones or earpods
  4. Genre: We were drawn Fantasy or Multi-Generational. We could choose 1 or incorporate both.

At 8pm our team started brainstorming and by 11pm we had the rough outline for our story. We chose fantasy and started writing the script. The rest is a blur but we finished. We uploaded our finished product at 7:26pm on Sunday, 25-Jul - 4-minutes before the deadline. 

Join us in watching our film

"No More Dragons" - A woman’s strength is not just for fairytales.

A young woman finds the personal strength to combat a predator through the stories of her childhood.

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Check out the trailer we made for the Seattle Film Summit and join us for the premiere!