Seattle 48-hour HORROR film project - seeking collaborators!

Welp... here we are again. 

I'm putting together another team for another crazy project. This time, horror... oh my. 

When & Where : October 15 - 17th, 2021 - Seattle area


DP & Crew

I'm looking for a DP, cinematographer, Gaffer(s), Camera Operator, Still Photographer or some combination of the above. Some of my favorite shots are from horror films. Let's collaborate and create some truly terrifying scenes. I'm also looking for folks that can help create a movie poster and take stills to gather some BTS footage. Help me tell a story through pictures. Have skills in any of those areas, hit me up and let's chat!

Art Director & Crew

I want to go big this time. We have a special FX person on our team. I'm looking to compliment that with an art department. I'm looking for folks that can/want to do horror make-up. I'm looking for wardrobe / costume designers. I'm looking for set designers and an Art director to lead this department. Let's work together and help tell the story through art. We'll create the theme of the story together on Friday night. Once we have that, what can you do in this crazy short time window to help create? Let's do it!


I've done most of the editing for my past work but I'm far from a professional. Have skills in this area? Hit me up! We can help bring the story together and make it awesome.

We're a small team right now but we want to go big. Part of us where on a team that won "Best use of character" for the general Seattle 48 earlier this year for our film "No More Dragons." (You can check out that film and my other shorts on my SubliminalEd Films YouTube Channel.) We are very collaborative and you will have a blast with our team. Our goal last time was to finish. check. Our goal this time is to place. Join us and help us achieve that goal. Let's go. 

Contact me at 

No More Dragons

We did it! We completed our film, "No More Dragons" in 48-hours. A whirlwind weekend doesn't begin to describe the intensity of that weekend. Our team was amazing and it was a 100% collaborative effort. We are premiering our movie on 15-Aug, 2021 at 6pm PT / 9pm ET. Come check it out! It will be available on my SubliminalEd Films YouTube channel after the premiere. 

On Friday, 23-Jul at approximately 7:30pm we received info on the 4 elements. 

  1. Character: We must include a character named Kelly Broadbent who is a pilot
  2. Line of Dialog: We must include "I think I'm going to be sick" in the movie
  3. Prop: We must include headphones or earpods
  4. Genre: We were drawn Fantasy or Multi-Generational. We could choose 1 or incorporate both.

At 8pm our team started brainstorming and by 11pm we had the rough outline for our story. We chose fantasy and started writing the script. The rest is a blur but we finished. We uploaded our finished product at 7:26pm on Sunday, 25-Jul - 4-minutes before the deadline. 

Join us in watching our film

"No More Dragons" - A woman’s strength is not just for fairytales.

A young woman finds the personal strength to combat a predator through the stories of her childhood.

YouTube Event Link: 

FB Event Link:

Check out the trailer we made for the Seattle Film Summit and join us for the premiere!

Seattle 48 - The Calm Before the Storm

In less than 24 hours the Seattle 48 hour film project begins. We, along with ~39 other teams in the Seattle area, are going to make a film in 48 hours... from start to finish. It is going to be one of the most difficult yet most exhilarating challenges I've ever completed. But there it is. There is the key word... "completed." That is the goal for this, to complete a film. I am confident that we will achieve this goal and I cannot wait to go... just go.

We are Team JJ. (don't ask) We are a group of 14 people that have never met each other IRL before, let alone worked on anything before. We've been communicating all online and I'm so impressed and excited to be working with these individuals. They give me confidence in knowing we will complete this project. It is an honor and a privilege to be on the same team. 

it is after 10 pm, the day before it all starts and I feel a sense of calm coming over me. A sense that I have not felt in a very long time, almost like a thunder jacket for a dog afraid of lighting, i'm comforted. I've felt this before. Before one of my first gigs playing in the band Marauder at the East Toledo theater on Broadway, I remember the night before that show. We had practiced so much before hand, we had done tons of advertising and the day was almost there and we were expecting over 1,000 people. I don't even think I was 18 yet. I had this same sense of calm hit me that night. There are a few other events that this happened. I love it. This calm will help me sleep tonight. Earlier in the day I felt like I should be doing a million and one more things to prepare. Now... those things can wait. I'm ready. The team is ready. I'm going to sleep well, wake up go to my day job and once 6 pm hits. It's on. The calm will turn to an all encompassing energy powered by a ridiculous deadline and human spirit. That energy will carry us through the 48 hours. There will be confusion, plans changing, laughter, frustration, exhaustion but at the end, by 7 pm on Sunday, we will have created a film. And that calm to energy will be replaced with accomplishment. I'm excited for every part of this journey. 

If you reader happen to be in the Seattle area on Saturday, August 6th, you can see our film screened at the Burien Boulevard Park Block Party and Film Festival. Bring the family and come on out to see our film, our 48 hour accomplishment, along with many other talented teams and individuals. 

Good night friends, tomorrow we ride. 

Lights, Key Grip, and Photographer! Join our Seattle 48 team!

It is getting down to the wire. Less than two weeks from the kickoff for this amazing event. We have three critical roles left to fill. We have an awesome team but you might be one of the final people we need to carry us across the line. Again, the Seattle 48hr film project is the weekend of July 23 - 25. It is going to be intense, a lot of work, and more fun than you can imagine. As a reward, our film will be on the big screen during Burien's summer block party and film fest! Come join us! You can read more about the event here


Are you a lighting expert? Lighting is SO important to help tell a story and we need your expertise. As our lighting expert you'll work with our DPs, our director (Me!), and the rest of our talented crew. We have some gear available for you to use but we're looking for someone with experience to help guide us! Is that you? Reach out and let's chat!

Key Grip

We're looking for someone who has gear experience. We have all the gear to shoot but we're looking for someone to help with camera setup, mic / boom setup, lights, or whatever the scene calls for. We have some crew to help carry it out but looking for someone to help guide us and own the gear setup. 


Are you a photographer looking to get more experience? We're looking for someone to join the team and visually document our journey that weekend. 

Hit me up at and let's create an awesome film!

Seattle 48-hour film project - Searching for Director of Photography, Sound Designer, etc

Howdy folks,

The Seattle 48-hour film project is just 1-month away. Not sure what 48-hour is? In a nutshell, it is creating an original short (4-7 min) film in 48 hours, from script writing to post-production and publishing. It is going to be a crazy weekend, July 23-25, 2021. Come join us in making an awesome short film. You can learn more about the project here.

We are a team of 9 but are in need of a few key roles to make the magic happen.

Director of Photography

We're looking for a person with some experience in cinematography that can own this creative area. A few of us on the team have some experience and you can help lead us in delivering that edge to create some great shots that helps tell our story. You don't have to be an expert. If interested, reach out to us and let's chat!

Sound Designer

Similar to the DP, we're looking for someone to own the audio experience, this could be both in audio recording, sound mixing or both. We have some equipment and a boom operator ready to take your lead. 

Still Photographer

This weekend is going to be epic. Our current team is new to the 48 but we have a ton of energy and a passion to deliver a film that evokes emotion. We want to document this experience in photographs. As the designated still photographer, you will be along with us the whole weekend, capturing the team as we work, struggle, go insane, and ultimately create. 

The Team

One of the coolest aspects of this project is being part of our team. I have 100% confidence that we can deliver on this project with the team we have. As you join, you will not only take the lead on your role but you will have the opportunity to work closely with the full team and be fully emerged in this experience, with the ability to get your hands dirty in other areas of filmmaking if you desire. 

Give us a shout out a or contact me on Twitter

About Me

I'm an aspiring filmmaker who's created 3 student short films. I'm looking to create as many films as possible on my way to mastering this craft. You can check out my student films here:

Let's do this!